The Body Challenge
The Body Challenge
The Body Challenge
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Grand prize of 10,000 AED!

The time to GET FIT is NOW! DON'T WAIT!

About Us

The Body Challenge is an online 8 week transformation challenge created to assist ANYONE change for the better with a 10,000 AED grand prize.

With over 4000 participants to date, The Body Challenge has been a formidable asset to the UAE’s health and wellness movement over the years.

Our aspiration is to help as many people as possible by providing the tools and information necessary to completely reconstruct YOUR mind, body and LIFE.

The Body Challenge platform takes all of the “guess work” out of YOUR life transformation journey by supplying the MEAL PLANS, HOME WORKOUTS, BOOTCAMPS, FORUM, EDUCATION and MOTIVATION without any of the intimidation.

Real results, from Real people!


Below you’ll find the timeline for our challenges. Are you ready to make a change in your life?

  • September 17
    registration begins
  • October 1
    registration ends
  • October 2
    challenge begins
  • November 25
    challenge ends
  • November 30
    photo submission deadline
  • December 4
    the judges review
  • December 7
    winner announced

The Trainers

Dedicated to making sure you get the results that you aspire to achieve.

Jordan Branford
Kite Beach

Founder Jordan Branford has over 25 years of experience within the fitness industry and has the same…

Moe Selby
Kite Beach

At just 29 years old Moe has 12 years experience in the fitness industry and is known for his charismatic…

Chase Selby
Kite Beach

Chase has been involved in the fitness industry for an equal amount of time as twin brother Moe and…

Mirko Yuliano
Kite Beach

Mirko has been a personal trainer for over 10 years and puts his clients above everything except his…